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4 Leisure Recruitment



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    4Leisure Recruitment are amazing! Whilst flat hunting in London, Leah, (one of 4Leisure's recruiters) assisted me with landing my first post-uni job as a Lifeguard. Leah's continued to support whilst I transitioned to the city has been invaluable. She has found me positions with manageable hours within locations that work for me to commute to. If it weren't for Leah or 4Leisure, I wouldn't have been able to land a sustainable job to support myself in London. I cannot express how thankful I am. Leah and 4Leisure are the best!

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    Unfortunately my first candidate didn't work out and after 7 weeks we agreed that the fit wasn't right for either party and the employee left. Having been in business for over 18 years i completely understand this situation, it's one that we need to accept and move on. The reason why i decided to use 4Leisure Recruitment is that they offer to fill the vacancy again with a rebate. This means that i would get £1797 off the next replacement rather than having to pay the whole fee again after the employee didn't work out within 7 weeks. I have made 2 formal complaints over the last 2 months before writing this review as I have had zero contact via text, email or phone. Natalie was my initial contact and after complaining about zero contact I was handed over to Anna. I understand that it can be difficult to find quality candidates at times but there should always be regular contact from the recruitment agency to give advice on what changes need to be made to the ad/job spec to get the role filled. At this stage now i would rather them just refund me the £1797 of my initial £3594 rather than replace the candidate. I feel like they have only been interested in taking my initial money and now have no interest in trying to fill the role at a reduced rate as per their terms. We are a small independent business that was closed for 10 months out of 12mths due to COVID. We rely heavily on the support of other businesses to support and this has definitely not been the case and i would strongly urge any one looking to recruit to look else where before considering 4 Leisure Recruitment.

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    Roxanne Isolano img 1

    Having been shouted at rudely over the phone when I sent a text keeping my agency in the loop about how I was getting on but saying it’s making me tired, this agency dismissed me when I had no choice but to hang up the phone after being argued with. With all due respect, I won’t be shouted at by my employer for something I viewed as positive (keeping 4leisure updated)

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    Amazing service, both Leah and Amy are great. They listened to my requirements and negotiated a higher pay for me. I would highly recommend

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    Entering the fitness industry is daunting, but Amy at 4Leisure Recruitment has made the first step much easier and straightforward. She was very patient with my questions and accommodating with the hours I was able to work around childcare. Now I have settled into the role, communication about assignments is quick and to the point, while staying friendly and personable. Payment is quick, easy and on time. I would highly recommend working with Amy and her colleagues.