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JAK Recruitment Ltd



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    Ricky G Johnson img 1

    Very unprofessional in whatever they do! 0% care for their employees. I mean it! Don’t even turn to them for work please! Save yourself! Money saved, time saved! They’ll threaten you-They change policies whenever they like in their own interest-They steal from your hard earned money etc During my time in this agency i was literally begging them for my hard earned money and still i have a huge amount yet to be received too. Anyways i am planning to take them on legally.

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    Shanid Kk img 1

    Very bad experience with this agency. They try to manipulate students and never pay them. I have worked for them and they said they will pay me after one week and till the time they haven’t gave me the payment. When i call then they said that they will never pay me and ask me to go with then to hotel for asking for the payment. When they don’t have tie up with the hotel why they send us to work there. This company is the worst one which i have ever worked for. Only for one day they want me to call them for life time. Owner and staff who never pick our calls and 1 in 1000 they will attend and tell us to send the timesheet for me i have send timesheets for 100 times for one day’s shift. Bad experience, poor service, fraud people, manipulative behaviour, lie every time. Never go for this agency this was my suggestion for everyone who read this review.

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    Partik Singh img 1

    Salary pending from 2 months, Still they not pay. Such a bad behavior staff & owner. They pay u in starting weeks after that they hold payment and when you will ask they replaced you with new staff and this circle going on with everyone. Even if you are seeing some positive review it is only that, when u start work with them, they say give us a review we are paying you today. And after 2-3 week they will start holding payment. Such a unprofessional agaency with rude behavior staff.

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    Jaydip Anghan img 1

    They are fraudsters not give money very bad experience don’t waste your time.. don't go with some 5 star rating because its done by forcefully

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    masam gouthami img 1

    It is fake agency . It does not pay salary on time and when people ask their money they will black mail . Please don’t join and waste your valuable time and try to find other agency. Since many people near the hotels they were crying for their money to give back for their hard work but he donot reply , simply he says coming Tuesday or coming friday This agency has no office , no paper aggrement