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HTR Care and Recruitment Ltd



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    Ruwayda Khan img 5

    This company is great. They treat staff very well and are a very good company. The management are great and are very understanding as well as hard working. Most transport is provided by the company and therefore there’s no issue with transport. Overall myself and other staff has had great experience working for the company.

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    Victoria Casciello img 5

    I am extremely happy with service provided by HTR for our nursing home. Their care staff are efficient, punctual and very caring. HTR staff work so well with our permanent staff and are like part of the family. I highly recommend this company.

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    Priyanka Bhandari img 5

    I am proud to be a part of HTR, very friendly and supportive management and staff team,got so many opportunity to learn ????????

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    Emma Dudhee img 5

    Excellent management and the staff are very caring and punctual. I am very Grateful to HTR to help us out when we most needed good staff to look after our residents. customer service from the management team is amazing.Highly recommend .

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    Junu Shrestha img 5

    I have grown a lot after working at HTR. This company really looks after their employees. Highly recommended!!! ♥