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AESN Recruitment Solutions



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    libin varghese img 1

    Registering with them is a waste of time. According to their instructions, all the paperwork was submitted on September 24. Despite pursuing them for more than four weeks, there is no hope. No one wants to take action on this; they are simply passing the buck to someone else.

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    Ace of Diamond img 5

    They helped me get a job when I first came to UK. Really thankful to the whole team and I recommend everyone who are looking for work to contact them

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    AB B img 5

    The team members are so friendly and always help eachother and provide good working environment.

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    4M. nyz1n img 5

    The entire team is really friendly, got me a full time job. Satisfied with everything.

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    jay shah img 5

    Nice people....helps a lot to work properly....they are good for any student or professional to start work ...