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    Samuel N. img 1

    Hundreds of snow workers weren't paid what they promissed. I hope Heathrow Airport will get rid of them. Jbs are ignorant staff that are not answering to your messages after they trick you on payments. Nobody should ever work for this company. They still own me money today.

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    insect Life (Anas) img 5

    This was my first experience using JBS and it was very much an easy and stress free experience. Special recognition and appreciation to Paul. He has been great throughout the whole process, constantly keeping in touch which I thought was fantastic. 5* review for Paul and the JBS team! Thank you very much

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    Priscilla Spencer img 5

    The people at JBS are all so lovely, Rachel found me an appropriate job to apply to within minutes of me going in to see her, promptly followed by others and then eventually helping me to land a job in just over a week! She is always very friendly and happy to help even after you have found a job!

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    Liam Rising img 1

    I am currently looking for approximately 4 months of temporary work. I requested a call back via email and was told two days in a row that I would receive a call but did not. On the third day I finally received a call back (though no apology) and was told that I would be sent a registration pack in an email. I never received the pack, or any further correspondence for that matter. I can only assume that they don't need anyone else to work for them. If they're that lackadaisical when you're trying to register, I hate to think how they'd treat you once you're actually on the books.

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    Molly Smith img 1

    I worked for this company for about 6 months through their partnership with EasyJet at LGW. Though they were efficient and kind enough to interview and get me the role at EasyJet, that seemed to be where their help or input ended. Myself and others who were employed by them and started at the same time often felt a bit clueless and left to our own devices to work things out for ourselves. Obviously I needed to pass various security stages for the job however whenever I called about why a certain stage was taking so long that they either didn’t know anything about it or I discovered eventually they had ‘lost’ my references which delayed things. A lot of the time, apart from a gentleman named Gavin, it felt like even though they said to call if you need help etc they were just saying that, and otherwise seemed inconvenienced by your call, especially when speaking to an unpleasant lady who often seemed like she just wanted to get people off the phone. Regarding pay, there was quite a few people in the same position confused about things not adding up or making sense and when we called about it maybe being explained to us they couldn’t explain themselves and then referred us to call the company that they employ to pay us, ‘One Payroll’, who simply said to us that they pay us what JBS tells them to pay us. It felt like between the two of them neither knew anything or was helpful. This is a few of many struggles I had. I feel like if you go with them and badger them ever step of the way they would be an okay company to work for and there are a couple of pleasant people there who might help if needed. However, I would not recommend them as I felt like they were very inefficient and made an already fairly stressful role even more stressful which is why I eventually left for another job.