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LINQ Recruitment



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    Luke Wise img 5

    I've been in the electrical industry for over 15 years now with over 5 of those years being self employed. So as you can imagine I have worked with my fair share of agencies. Ross, Tegan and the rest of the team are very friendly and professional. I've never had a problem contacting them wether it be call, text or email. I have always been paid on time with never any hours/money missing. I would not heed any negative reviews you may have read. The Linq team are always happy to help where they can and it also feels like they are changing the agency game for the better. I would highly recommend Linq recruitment to all and would go as far to say that they are the best agency I have worked for and I have worked for some good ones. Hopefully I can stay with Linq for the remainder of my electrical career.????????

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    Harry Rosier img 5

    Linq are very professional with the way they work. Also landed me a grest job at the airport oabout 2 yesrs ago, not there anynore but it was great and will be looking to get back over there with these guys. Deffo recommend to anyone????

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    dardan kosturi img 5

    Linq are people that you can trust, I worked for few agencies before but so far Linq is the best, friendly staff and always ready to help for everything, thanks again for the opportunity you gave me...

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    Albert Muresan img 5

    Very professional people there I never had no issues with them Every Friday 5am i had my money in my bank account Lovely agency, I'm looking forward to work again for them.

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    Rory Bain img 5

    I've been working with Linq for over 6 months and have never had any issues with work, wages or on site issues, would highly recommend.